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Moving Forward Together

Moving Forward Together

Bard is not a newcomer to Japan, the third-largest health care market in the world. For over 40 years, Bard products were marketed to local clinicians by Medicon, a joint venture between Bard and Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. In November, Bard increased its presence by taking full ownership of Medicon.
Over the years, Medicon has built a significant market share in a number of important segments, including urological drainage, implantable ports and hernia repair. As the growth opportunities in Japan evolve, the organization has built enhanced clinical and regulatory capabilities and opened the Medicon Healthcare Science Center (MHSC) in Tokyo, a cutting-edge training center where clinicians are introduced and trained on products and techniques that help them advance lives and the delivery of health care.
In December of 2015, Interventional Cardiologist Hiroshi Ando, MD, was at the MHSC to train his peers on the use of the Crosser® CTO Recanalization catheter, the first such device available in Japan, and an example of the innovative products that are expected to drive Bard’s future growth there.
“Japanese physicians know how to cross Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) lesions with a guidewire,” says Dr. Ando. “However, there are many cases where we can cross the CTO but can’t advance a therapeutic device—such as a balloon catheter—to the lesion.” Instead of bypassing the blockage, the Crosser® Catheter oscillates at a high frequency to bore through the occlusion. The clinician is then able to thread an angioplasty balloon to the site, flatten the plaque buildup against the arterial wall, and place a vascular stent to restore and maintain blood flow1.
Dr. Ando is eager to share his experience and knowledge of phased patient selection, crossing techniques and helpful tips with other physicians. “It is very important for physicians to become familiar with a new system and technique before actually using it on patients,” he says. “This training program is an important contributor to the effective launch of the Crosser® Catheter System in Japan.”

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